Today we had the chance to share our journey with a special audience, a class of 23 students from the User Experience Design program, at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
Our two cofounders, Kiran and Tommaso, spoke to the group about the differences between the corporate world and the startup environment, stressing the fast pace of startups and how important it is to fall in love with your users and listen to what they have to say.

“Don’t fall in love with your idea, fall in love with your users!”

We told the students about the development process of Swabit, explaining how valuable interviews are for us, the path we took to build a user persona and how our creativity is complemented by hard work and many nights of pizzas, post-its and coffee.
After that, the students had the chance to experience the app, get creative and have fun with it.
The feedback was very positive and we are thankful to The Hague University of Applied Sciences and to professors Iefke Bloothoofd and Tim van den Bosch for the opportunity to exchange our knowledge and share our dreams.

Ulisses Sawczuk Da Silva

Ulisses Sawczuk Da Silva

Swabit Content Manager & Social Media Strategist

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