Limited offer!

Swabit Premium PLUS – Monthly

14.99 9.99 Excl. VAT

  • All Freeware features

augmented with

  • Unlimited number of Users per each Community


  • Creation of unlimited number of Communities
  • Community not visible on the map
  • Single geo-localization for every Community
  • Three standard Channels per each Community
  • Access to three standard Post templates
  • Unlimited number of Users per each Community


€ 9.99 + VAT per month.


Monthly, anticipated.


12 months. Period of validity shall be automatically extended by another 12 months, if none of the Parties are exercising their rights to terminate.


Possible after the first three months, by giving notice 1 month prior to the termination date. Termination must be made in written form by email to

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