Created by Rotterdam-based startup, app encourages information exchange and collaboration among members of social groups

Swabit – a new mobile app targeted to communities – was released for iOS and Android on March 6th. Conceived by two Rotterdam-based Italian entrepreneurs, Antonello Iona and Tommaso Troiani, the tool creates networking and collaboration opportunities for people who are part of the same social groups.

When users log in to the app, the first thing they see is a map – on which they can create their own communities or see the communities that are in their proximities. Once people access communities – which can be public or private –, they may interact with each other through discussion forums as well as check other users’ profiles and chat with them.

According to Tommaso, the startup’s CEO, the app addresses a fundamental problem which hasn’t been solved by current communication tools: “Societies are increasingly more segmented, and technology is lagging behind when it comes to uniting communities. People who frequent, live and work in the same places often don’t know anything about each other, because traditional social media are too broad, generic and non-contextual”.

To Antonello, the company’s business developer, this lack of communication represents a huge waste of potential, and communities can leverage their power by promoting connections among their members. “There are lots of creative, talented and skillful people in places such as universities, coworking spaces and residential buildings. If we give these people the chance to exchange ideas and collaborate with each other, we will have access to a tremendous untapped potential”, he explains.

Although people have increasingly used communication tools such as Slack and WhatsApp groups to interact with their communities, these apps offer considerable limitations to their users. Both WhatsApp and Slack are not suitable for interactions that involve large numbers of people. Because these apps do not present information in an organized way, conversations often become chaotic and hard to follow. “Swabit’s forum-like structure makes it easier for people to keep up with threads and retrieve information. Our app has a clean, neat and practical interface that makes it handier than other tools”, says Riccardo Testa, the head of the development team which has built the app.

Unlike other social apps and platforms, Swabit doesn’t require users to share their telephone numbers or social media details when creating their accounts. This way, Swabitters have more privacy and can manage the information they want other users to see.

The company offers diverse solutions for different types of users. Anyone can join the app and create a community for free, but users who manage larger communities can purchase subscription packages which give them access to extra features. Besides, Swabit also offers customized versions of the platform for large companies, providing them with innovative alternatives to conventional tools such as web portals, intranet systems and newsletters.

The product has sparked the interest of organizations that need to improve their community engagement levels. Currently, Swabit is negotiating contracts and partnerships with multiple Dutch companies and institutions. In Tommaso’s view, the Netherlands is a fertile ground for tech startups and entrepreneurs: “Dutch society is dynamic and innovation-driven. The country’s biggest cities – such as Rotterdam – are going through a ‘startup boom’ and lots of new ideas and projects are becoming reality. It’s great to be part of this ecosystem and we want to help develop it by connecting people and generating value”, he concludes.

Wanna try Swabit? Download it from one of the links below:

iOS version: http://bit.ly/SwabitIOS

Android version: http://bit.ly/SwabitAndroid

Ulisses Sawczuk Da Silva

Ulisses Sawczuk Da Silva

Swabit Content Manager & Social Media Strategist

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