When Swabit started, it was a vision shared by two dreamers. Through hard work and luck – two things that go together – the project has come to life. Since then, our company has evolved a lot and, in the process, our team has also grown. From two strangers who met at an airport, during a long wait, we are now multiple creative minds united by one dream.

Our team is made up of people from several nationalities, different backgrounds and varied skills. Many of us have joined the company through serendipity – Swabit has always left its doors open for fate. We take pride in our diversity and consider the open and multicultural character of our company to be our main strength. Our different talents and visions complement each other and help us achieve our goals.  

Our mission is, at the same time, bold and exciting. We are building a new kind of social app that will help people reach out to others and explore their communities. The path is filled with challenges and opportunities. But our journey is a lot more fulfilling when we can count with such a diverse, dynamic, creative and motivated team.

Ulisses Sawczuk Da Silva

Ulisses Sawczuk Da Silva

Swabit Content Manager & Social Media Strategist

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